I get to write about Entity Framework

I am a senior programmer writer assigned to write/code about Microsoft SQL Server’s Entity Framework (“EF”). To be completely transparent about things, this blog is a part of my work that I get paid for.

OTOH, I am not a “drink the koolaid” type of guy; I tend to be a late-adopter, and am often skeptical of the latest and greatest stuff. So I hope that skeptical readers will find what I write to be objective, despite this blog being a part of my job. At Microsoft you can get rewarded for saying what you really think. As one example, when interviewing for my first writer job here, I was asked what I thought about a piece of documentation, and I proceeded to unload on it. The response was “Great! You get to fix it!” I have certainly worked at places where I wouldn’t have been as open if I had wanted the job.

I bring two strong interests to this blog:

  • How well do the EF documentation topics address the needs of the beginner? I will be blogging as a beginner, and hopefully people in the community will help me and give me feedback.
  • How well does EF address the needs of the database-centric type of developer? Why would that kind of developer want to switch to EF? That is the kind of developer I have been in the past: I used visual database tools as my starting point, and in effect, saw the database model as the “center of the universe”.

I’ll write more about these points, and others, in subsequent posts. And I am sure that I will be doing more than blogging as part of my EF work, so I’ll let you know what documentation topics I wind up being responsible for.

Meanwhile, if anyone has burning opinions about either of these points, or other aspects of Entity Framework, please let me know.



About Rick Saling

I work at Microsoft as a Senior Programmer Writer, currently documenting Entity Framework. Prior to that I did database design work for many years. Non-work interests include outdoors (hiking, scrambling, backpacking), political issues, travel, learning languages (currently working on Turkish).
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