Entity Framework Feature CTP5: our MSDN Writing Starts

The latest Community Technology Preview (CTP5) has been released! Here are several posts about it from the ADO.Net team blog:

CTP5 is the final preview of a future release that will include the Code First feature, and the simplified API surface (aka DbContext). The production version of this release will be available Q1 of 2011. The authoritative source for this information is not me however: this information is all derived from the first blog post in the above list. And if there is a conflict between what I say and the ADO.Net team blog, believe them, not me!

I and my colleague Julia will be producing the MSDN  Library documentation for this release. We’ve got ourselves a provisional table of contents, and have divided up topics. We intend to link to other content out on the web, so if you have a favorite article, tutorial, “how-to”, etc. let me know.

We will of course be documenting the features of this release, but our emphasis is shifting towards describing real customer scenarios. In the past, I’ve had problems with documentation that was totally feature-focused, since if I wasn’t familiar with the technology, then I often couldn’t figure out what one could do with a feature or what it was good for. So we’d like to identify the major customer scenarios, and focus on them.

Here are a few possible scenarios:

Of course we’ll still be documenting smaller database scenarios, like:

  • how do I handle stored procedures that return more than one result set?
  • how do I track changes made in the UI and propagate them back to the database?
  • how do I use views instead of tables to access my data?

And, being somewhat database centric myself, I’ll be looking for things you can do using TSQL that you can’t do in EF, or that perhaps require some kind of work around.

We’ll be looking around the web (blogs, forums etc) to try to collect feedback about other scenarios that are important to you. You can also contact me directly with suggestions or questions.


About Rick Saling

I work at Microsoft as a Senior Programmer Writer, currently documenting Entity Framework. Prior to that I did database design work for many years. Non-work interests include outdoors (hiking, scrambling, backpacking), political issues, travel, learning languages (currently working on Turkish).
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