Entity Framework FAQs Web Page

There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) web page for Entity Framework that has a lot of great information, at http://www.ef-faq.org . It’s a good place to go when you are first getting started with Entity Framework, since the questions you have are likely shared by others, and so may already be answered for you at this site.

I’ve just agreed to manage this web site, so if you have questions that you think ought to be in the FAQs, just add a comment to this posting.

The web site is an open-source project hosted at http://effaq.codeplex.com.   There is a list of non-content format-related issues (HTML , CSS, web site architecture) at http://effaq.codeplex.com/workitem/list/basic.

Another way to add questions is to join the project, and create a build that includes your questions, notify me, and I will handle merging in your code. The project homepage gives you the information you need to do this. Since it’s open source, you could also make a fix for one of the work items the same way.

I’ll be ramping up this week and next, and then will likely address some of the minor fixes in the work item list just to get familiar with the build process. After that, one high priority fix is to go to a single-question-per-page format, to improve page discoverability by search engines such as Bing and Google.

Again, feel free to post proposed FAQs. It’s notable that none of the existing FAQs address Code-First development or other new features in the CTP5 release of Entity Framework: surely there must be some questions out there. It’s also likely possible that some of the answers may have broken due to new releases, or there are better solutions available with the new simplified “productivity api”.


About Rick Saling

I work at Microsoft as a Senior Programmer Writer, currently documenting Entity Framework. Prior to that I did database design work for many years. Non-work interests include outdoors (hiking, scrambling, backpacking), political issues, travel, learning languages (currently working on Turkish).
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