Entity Framework FAQs Success with Wiki

I won’t bore everyone with daily updates, but I went to check my Hotmail account where Entity Framework FAQs wiki updates get posted, and found that on Friday, 2 people had changed 13 pages of the FAQs.

The site had only been publicly announced one day before! This was exactly the result we were hoping for: prior to moving to the wiki, the site had been stagnant for a number of months.

A big thank you to the two folks who contributed!

If you have questions that you think belong in the Entity Framework FAQs, why don’t you go here and see about adding them. Or check out the answers that are already there: maybe they will solve a problem you have. Or perhaps you know something that ought to be added.

The wiki is for the Entity Framework community, so feel free to jump in and contribute!


About Rick Saling

I work at Microsoft as a Senior Programmer Writer, currently documenting Entity Framework. Prior to that I did database design work for many years. Non-work interests include outdoors (hiking, scrambling, backpacking), political issues, travel, learning languages (currently working on Turkish).
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