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SQL Azure and Entity Framework Connection Fault Handling

There’s a great blog posting by James Podgorski on the MSDN App Fabric Customer Advisory Team blog site, called SQL Azure and Entity Framework Connection Fault Handling. ¬†James provides some background, and then goes through three scenarios, with code samples, … Continue reading

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How to Find the Version of SQL Server that is Running?

My colleague Jason has posted a great entry (with a video) on how to determine what version(s?) of SQL Server you have running, at Find your Installed SQL Server Versions and¬†Instances. What’s especially nice about the posting is that it … Continue reading

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Entity Framework: Getting Started – Finding the Tutorial(s)

How do you find answers to questions about a Microsoft technology? How can a writer make what they write easy to find? And what tutorials about Entity Framework (“EF”) are available? Finding Answers Studies say you probably start with search … Continue reading

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I get to write about Entity Framework

I am a senior programmer writer assigned to write/code about Microsoft SQL Server’s Entity Framework (“EF”). To be completely transparent about things, this blog is a part of my work that I get paid for. OTOH, I am not a … Continue reading

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