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SQL Azure and Entity Framework Connection Fault Handling

There’s a great blog posting by James Podgorski on the MSDN App Fabric Customer Advisory Team blog site, called SQL Azure and Entity Framework Connection Fault Handling. ¬†James provides some background, and then goes through three scenarios, with code samples, … Continue reading

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How to Find the Version of SQL Server that is Running?

My colleague Jason has posted a great entry (with a video) on how to determine what version(s?) of SQL Server you have running, at Find your Installed SQL Server Versions and¬†Instances. What’s especially nice about the posting is that it … Continue reading

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Entity Framework: Getting Started – Finding the Tutorial(s)

How do you find answers to questions about a Microsoft technology? How can a writer make what they write easy to find? And what tutorials about Entity Framework (“EF”) are available? Finding Answers Studies say you probably start with search … Continue reading

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Explaining New Technologies: WCF Usability Studies

It’s important for Microsoft that customers considering a technology have an easy time learning about it and trying it out. One goal of this blog is to understand the issues you run into while learning Entity Framework (“EF”). I’m going … Continue reading

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I get to write about Entity Framework

I am a senior programmer writer assigned to write/code about Microsoft SQL Server’s Entity Framework (“EF”). To be completely transparent about things, this blog is a part of my work that I get paid for. OTOH, I am not a … Continue reading

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